Serge Eric Menye

Founder and Africa Business Consultant

Serge Eric Menye has lived and worked in Paris, London, New York, Berlin, Cork, Dublin, in various positions ranging from finance to ICT, business development and the service sector.


Graduated from business school, he studied economics and finance.

Persuaded by the unprecedented potential and opportunities that Africa represents today in terms of investment and growth, he decided to dedicate himself to this market.

Due to a growing demand for strategic advisory and support from individuals, professional investors and businesses, and to address the lack of resources and time, he has structured its service offerings around specific and operational issues.

He also relies on a large network of reliable and experienced local partners, with whom he collaborates on a daily basis.

He positions himself as a precious guide in this exciting adventure. 

A local partner who can provide support and guidance is essential. Finding the right local partner is critical as they are the ‘eyes and ears on the ground’ and can assist with strategic execution, risk management, relationship building and opportunity identification. It is important for investors to carry out background checks on their local partners, their connections and expertise – to ensure they select the right partner for their business.

Favorite Quotes

- Time is always right to do what is right.

- Nothing in the world can stop something whose time has come.

- Never waste a good crisis