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About Us

Grassfields Ventures is a French initiative to increase trade and investment between African nations and Europe.

Grassfields Ventures is a leading venture capital firm focused on investments in African market or European businesses willing to expand in the African market. We bring investments and network across a broad spectrum of Green companies, innovations and technologies. We currently have clusters of companies in Real estate, agriculture, mining, consumer Internet, enterprise software, FinTech and floating solar panels.

Our vision is to play a central and influential role in Africa’s socio-economic growth by guiding sustainable capital towards key prospects on the continent.

As the trusted entry point into Africa, we support and connect business and investment through a unique range of services and events, and our high standards consistently enact our belief that a responsible and profitable private sector has a crucial role to play in Africa’s development.

Here's How We Work

We Facilitate Transactions

We leverage the businesses, resources, investors and partnerships to help African and European businesses and investors identify partners, acquisitions, advance opportunities, bonds, capitals and close deals.

We Shape Future Opportunities

We work with private sector partners and African government  to foster healthy business climates, and we identify and promote new market opportunities.

Worlds End South Africa

Our Story

We have a talented team with several decades of experience investing and building companies spanning a variety of industries.
We've been investing, building companies, and working at high-levels of government service across Africa and Europe. 

Grassfields Ventures was founded by an entrepreneurs and philanthropists who built a global businesses worldwide. We aim to help our portfolio companies achieve the same success. 

Our Clients

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Let's Connect


Address 1: 

59, rue de Ponthieu. 75008 Paris


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