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Our sectors

Grassfields Ventures sources and promotes investment opportunities in various fields with relevant potential, such as low risk-high opportunity. Trends, niches and business models are identified to meet the market.



- Farming, processing, export
- Farm machinery
- Land acquisition or lease 
- Breeding, fish farming, milk production
- Insect for food and feed, superfoods



 - Telecommunication

 - Mobile money

 - Healthtech

 - Agritech

 - Solar energy



 - Hotel, lodge

 - Safari

 - Agritourism


Real estate

- Housing complex
- Processing
- Factory

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Business opportunities

We source and promote investment opportunities with high development potential, which combine local impact, return on investment and trust. 

It varies from non-existent projects to startups and already established companies. We use a bespoke process in real time for each project based on your request.

Analytics & Financing

We identify the best financing solutions, we do fundraising, due diligence, market research and analysis, business development, creation of partnerships. Africa immense economic potential, must be deciphered and interpreted, we closely assist you in the strategy, the structuring of the project and the positioning.

Knowledge & Insights

By synthesizing our findings through a report, we provide accurate and high-quality insights based on your precise needs. 
We ensure to deliver an up-to-date crucial knowledge. For your business decisions you will have to make or for research work, we provide you with essential the information and data.

Grassfields Ventures

 - Floating solar panel project in Guinea

 - Fintech, marketplace for basic necessities, several countries across the continent

 - Chilli producer in Ghana looking for funding to increase  number of outgrowers and automate processing

 - Affordable housing in Kenya and Rwanda

Lease and sale

 - Farming lands for lease and sale, in Tanzania, Guinea and Zambia

 - Hotels for sale in Zanzibar

 - Land for sale for hotel construction in Zanzibar, feasibility done


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 Why Africa ?

The continent is packed with opportunities leading to high return on investment. Africa is the most profitable continent in the world. The prospects for economic growth in Africa are among the most promising in the world.